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Mike's Bio


Mike is a singer/songwriter from Lowell, MA who has been performing and crafting his talents for over twenty years throughout New England.

Mike’s voice has been compared to that of Darius Rucker and Bob Seger. Ranging from a growl to a twang Mike has “an earthy, organic sound that forges the personality of each song while tugging the ear’s attention.” Bill Copeland, Music News.

In 2016, he appeared on the May cover of Ion Indie Magazine.

Through the years Mike has shared the stage with Brad Delp of “Boston”, Leslie West of “Mountain”, Cory Glover of “Living Colour”, “Firehouse”, Wyclef Jean to name a few.

Mike was a founding member of the popular original rock band “Wilder Road”. The band performed together for almost ten years recording two critically acclaimed CDs. During this time, "Wilder Road” was chosen from over a thousand bands nationwide as one of the Most Promising Bands, Receiving a cash grant award from Jim Beam Whiskey’s B.E.A.M program.

Performing regularly on major Boston and New Hampshire radio stations Gacek earned the nickname “Mr. Instant Song” Mike had become known for his on the spot writing and singing of comedic parodies. If his humor doesn't lure you in the hooks in his original songs will. Playing on repeat in your mind long after he has stopped singing.

Gacek is a true storyteller. He’ll make you think as well as feel throughout his songs. He said in his interview with Dan Johnson from Ion Indie Magazine, “Music can bring you back…it can take you to a place. Happy, sad—you can remember being somewhere from a song.” Mike not only sets the stage when he performs, he brings you with him on an emotional journey through his lyrics.